Introducing connect

Build meaningful relationships with curated connections to advance your career.

[The champions in my life have] been critical to my success, in terms of finding my way down the right path. There has never been a more important time to go out of your way to really meaningfully connect with and move the dial for other humans.

Jodi Kovitz

Founder and CEO, #movethedial, Forbes 2018


Grow your professional skills, personal network and confidence

Broaden your network and gain access to highly skilled leaders with proven track records. We take care of the details to ensure meaningful connections, allowing you to focus your time and effort where it’s needed most.


Intelligent matching

Build authentic professional relationships based on shared values and goals. Champions can view goals and select where they provide the most value.


Goal setting, progress tracking and guidance

Connect gives you the guidance and tools to help you show up prepared so your meetings are more impactful and successful over time.


In-app messaging for easy scheduling

No need to exchange email or phone numbers. Get to know who you’ll be working with before meeting via in-app messaging and make scheduling as easy as possible.


manage your availability

Change your availability based on your capacity. We know how valuable your time is so Champion profiles are automatically created via our white-glove service.


You’re in good company

Mentees are future leaders who have specific goals they want to accomplish but need a little help getting there. Champions are experienced professionals and can be the role model that makes a difference.

The most profound changes in my career have been as a result of someone taking a little bit of time and using some relationship capital to connect me, and create opportunities.

Michele romanow

co-founder, clearbanc


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