Moving the Dial to Eleven: Introducing #movethedialForEveryone


#movethedialForEveryone commiittee members Dayana Cadet, Content Specialist at Hubba, and Jessica Yamoah, Founder – Innovate Inclusion

Words can grab us. Words can guide us and stories can inspire. We seek stories that make us feel as though the speaker has walked where we walk and can lead us around the next corner; we seek empathy from our role models. But we can’t emulate, become, or promote what we can’t see, hear, or read.

#movethedial has built a movement around the power of stories and has inspired a community to build a platform for women to reach positions of leadership and influence in the global technology sector. And it’s working: 3,000+ members, 40+ advisors, and 6 events in one year helped increase female founder nominations for the C100 by 400% and increase female C-suite participation in PeerScale programs by 230%. And we’ve only just begun.

Checking In

We are excited, but are we doing everything that we can? More specifically, are we reaching everyone that we can? Are our stories reflecting the leaders of today and influencers of tomorrow? Not yet.

We want to change that: introducing #movethedialForEveryone, an advisory committee created to build inclusive practices and advocate for diverse voices in every pillar of #movethedial. Our founder, Jodi Kovitz, has zealously integrated our mission into the core of the movement.

“We can only consider diversity initiatives like #movethedial a success if they improve things for the members of our community who are most affected by intersectional discrimination.” – ZJ Hadley, Employee Success Business Partner – Tulip Retail

Women are underrepresented as founders of tech companies, in positions of leadership, and at venture capital firms. We have the stats. But those stats break down into layers of underrepresentation: we need more women of colour, more trans women and gender non-conforming individuals, more queer women, and more women with mobility impairments; we need more from every voice that has something to say.

“#movethedialForEveryone wants to open up the conversation to include underrepresented women at all levels of their career who are in (or interested in) tech. In short, the goal of this advisory committee is to ensure intersectionality, diversity, and inclusivity in #movethedial” – Dayana Cadet, Content Specialist – Hubba and Co-Lead of #movethedialForEveryone

We believe that moving the dial for these underrepresented and underestimated groups within the tech community will help the ecosystem be more impactful, innovative and accessible – and that benefits everyone.

Welcome to the movement

At its core, the #movethedialForEveryone committee is about accountability. We are buzzing with passion for our 2018 plans but first, we want to listen.

“Many gender diversity movements miss intersectional voices when developing their products, services, and connections. Success is more than just a brand, it’s about increasing accessibility and impact for those who need it most.” – Adri Tavares, Co-Lead – #movethedialForEveryone

We will consider our mission a success if we improve participation in, and access to, the tech industry for the members of our communities most affected by discrimination and systems of oppression. We also want to move the conversation beyond diversity and inclusion to having business priorities, goals, policies, and programs in place that lead to measurable results.

“#movethedialForEveryone is working to ensure that the powerful #movethedial movement pulls all women and gender nonconforming folks up with it and amplifies all voices” – Lisa Durnford, Content Lead – Venture Out

That conversation starts now. We want to #movethedialForEveryone and we are looking for ways to integrate and bring multiple perspectives into the work we do. We invite you to reach out and share your thoughts and feedback. We are building a movement and want everyone to feel heard.

“Tech is inherently agnostic. People from different backgrounds should be included the same way anyone is.” – Jessica Yamoah, Founder – Innovate Inclusion

If you feel that your story–any story–is not being told or is not being given equitable representation, let’s connect.

Ask tough questions

Getting involved is about using your voice whenever you can. If you’re in a position to say something, ask those tough questions. If you’re junior, ask questions about how certain types of people are affected by decisions made on your team. If you’re senior, highlight who is missing from decision-making table.

“If you work in tech, speak up. As a white woman in tech, I’m working as an ally to highlight who is missing from the boardroom table.” – Jennifer Hollett, Head of News – Twitter Canada

Diversity initiatives are challenging–they are complex, intersectional, and personal–but they are the only way to #movethedial with real impact. That is our goal – what’s yours?

articleElektra Simms