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Dial Moving – a podcast by #movethedial – brings together leaders in tech to discuss important topics that affect women and underrepresented groups in the sector. With a focus on tangible insights, the podcast is designed to help you dial move in your career, company and life.

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Episode 1 - Recap Listen Now

In this episode, we look at the importance of sponsors, allies, and mentors and illustrate why creating a personal community of advisors – who fulfill each of these roles – can skyrocket your success, no matter where you are in your career.


This week’s episode features:

- Claudette McGowan - Chief Information Officer, Enterprise Technology Employee Experience, BMO Financial Group, and her mentee, Farzia Khan

- Caroline Gayle - Managing Partner, Technology Financial Services Practice, Accenture, and her mentee Prea Grover

- Michelle Scarborough - Managing Partner, Strategic Investments and Women in Technology Venture Fund, BDC Capital (Canada)

Episode 1: Video