an important Message to the #movethedial community…

Dear #MoveTheDial community,

At the onset of the pandemic, we made the difficult decision to pause #MoveTheDial operations. I was hopeful that we would continue our work post-pandemic, returning to our mission to advance the participation and leadership of all women in tech. What I couldn’t have predicted was just how much the pandemic would profoundly change the world. And it changed me. 

It brought to focus many long-standing forms of systemic inequity — inequity that relies on and often exploits people and the planet. It showed us the fragility of deep-rooted systems, and it also exacerbated them. It changed the way so many of us work, live, and exist. Upon reflection, I recognized my own desire/need to address these systems from a new vantage point. 

It’s time to pass on the torch to those in our community with a desire to build on our legacy. #MoveTheDial started as an idea and very quickly grew to become a movement. For some fantastic photos taken at our events over the years, click here. Now it will live on through meaningful action to create more equitable and inclusive homes, teams, companies, communities, and countries. 

Our partnership with Feminuity continues as a legacy project through LEVEL-UP, a diversity, inclusion, and equity course for those at the start of their journey or who want to solidify their foundation before they keep pushing their learning. We’re offering the course to individuals for free for the next 30 days, using the code “MTD100.” If you would like to learn more about the course for your organization, fill out this form.

Consider working with KDPM Consulting Group for their anti-racism expertise, AccessNow for their expertise supporting people with disabilities, Accelerate Her Future™, for tailored programs for Black, Indigenous, and women of colour launching their careers in business and tech, Quintessential Research Group, for their environmental, health, social, and economic research expertise, attend inspiring events produced by Lesbians who Tech, engage with CILAR creating new pathways for Canada’s Black Community, Indigenous Peoples and People of Colour (BIPOC) or partner with Bloom for their inclusive HR, Talent advisory and DEI learning experiences. 

Our community is building, it’s flourishing, it’s nurturing, and it’s effecting change.

The next step in my journey is one where I can continue my personal vision for creating an inclusive community. I am excited to let you know I am joining Vetster as their Chief Growth Officer. In this role, I will extend my passion for equity and expertise in growing a global brand to scale this fast-growing veterinary telemedicine marketplace that connects veterinary professionals with pet parents over video, text, or audio chat. My commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion will be clear in everything we do, from how we build our team, develop our product, and create a world in which every pet can thrive. If you are a pet parent or know one, please accept a small token of my appreciation with a complimentary appointment

As a passion project, I am also advising Jo Ann Dizy (formerly of #MoveTheDial) as she scales #GrowTogether, a facilitated peer mentorship and acceleration program for global companies to support the engagement, advancement, and retention of women leaders through the lens of equitable inclusion. 

I am deeply grateful to have had the great privilege of working with an incredible team and for the understanding and unwavering support of our partners, advisors, volunteers, champions and my operating partners Jeff Fettes and Leen Li. Without each of you, none of the work we did would have been possible. 

Together, we moved mountains, not just dials. 

Warmly and with gratitude,

Jodi Kovitz (She, Her)